‘Tis the season for Christmas parties, and The Bottle House is here to make yours a memorable one!

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office chose our newly renovated space as the perfect Christmas party venue. More than 50 staff and family members gathered for an evening full of delicious food and exciting games. There was even a photo booth to capture silly moments with themed props.

Smoke Creations provided a mouthwatering dinner menu, which included pulled pork, chicken, and brisket with warm potato salad, beans, and coleslaw. The potluck dessert table was a huge success, with everyone in attendance preparing family favorite recipes to share with the group.

Then, it was on to the games, which were as silly as they were entertaining. For the first game, participants raced to blow up balloons, squeeze them into a pair of pantyhose, and place the hose on their heads as “reindeer antlers”. The second game was another race. Two teams of five members formed, and each member had to place a pair of oven mitts on their hands, unwrap a Hershey’s kiss, run back to their team, and feed it to the next person in line before they ran off to unwrap the next chocolate. Needless to say, the entire room was roaring with laughter by the end of these games!

Of course, there was plenty of entertainment for the little ones. We set up a table for kids to make thumbprint ornaments, while Christmas music played in the background. 

We hope to see everyone from the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office next year for yet another memorable party!

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