Alexandra Brown

Anniversaries can quickly become part of your normal annual routine. It can be challenging to make your anniversary as unique as the last one. However, maybe you don’t have to try and outdo your last celebration. Instead, plan ahead to some milestone anniversaries and create a special day for your loved one. 

Renewing your vows is a momentous occasion to celebrate you as a couple, and it will induce nostalgic feelings from your wedding day. Together, you can spend time looking back on shared memories from your wedding day and incorporate those special memories into your vow renewal. You may even choose to have the vow renewal ceremony on the same date that your wedding was on.


The steps to creating this party are simple. 

Choose Your Date

As mentioned, hosting your ceremony on your actual anniversary date can be very nostalgic. Make sure to look ahead at what day of the week it falls on. It could be in the middle of the week, so the following weekend is also a good choice. Once you have chosen a date, send out some invitations to guests to reserve that date on their calendars. 

Choose a Location

The location can be as simple or elaborate as you want. This is a vow renewal, so you have free reign to create the day however you like. The location can mimic your wedding day, or you can create a whole new theme. The location should be chosen based on what you are expecting out of the party. If small and simple is your style, you can consider an informal outdoor gathering space. If you are looking to host a bigger gathering that lasts all night, an indoor event space may be more your style.

Choose a Theme

The theme can be the most exciting part! It usually mimics and reflects on your wedding day.  Formal parties usually will stick to a color theme; that way, all the décor creates a cohesive look. For the more casual parties, you can choose a simple theme of flowers or rustic party décor. 

Send out Invitations

Invitations are a fun way to remind guests of your event. If you are planning on hosting a formal event, then invitations that match your color scheme are a good way to go. They can include an RSVP and an explanation of attire. If it is going to be a simpler reception, then you have flexibility on how elaborate your invitations will be.


Décor can follow a color scheme or a specific theme, and if necessary, can typically be ordered online in bulk for a reasonable price. Whichever you decide upon, consider using these different décor ideas.

  • Hanging décor: These can be fun signs with your last name or simple congratulations banners. You can also hang fun tassels that can double as décor and a fun photo background.
  • Balloons: It isn’t a celebration without balloons. Balloon arches are all the rave this year. Also, extra-large balloons filled with confetti are festive and fun.
  • Table décor: Your tables can be sprinkled with fun confetti colors or festive napkins. Don’t feel like you need to spend an arm and a leg on renting fancy cloth napkins. Keep it consistent with your style!
  • Personal décor: You are gathering to celebrate many years of love. You can fill the space with photos of you as a couple, a guest book and a memory table. This will allow guests to share their favorite memory with you.

Food and Drinks

We know that this is one of the most enticing parts of attending an event. Tasty food and beverages are always a crowd-pleaser. Again, this can be as elaborate or as simple as you desire. To add personal touches, you can serve your favorite foods and share the story associated with it. For example, maybe your first date was in an English-themed pub, and you shared Yorkshire Pudding.

It may seem like you are planning a smaller version of your wedding. And you’re not wrong! A vow renewal will create the chance to incorporate important aspects from your wedding day and celebrate your many successful years of love and marriage.