By Kelly Woodward

Your best friend recently announced she’s expecting. The trendy gender reveal went off without a hitch. Now it’s time for you to put together the most memorable baby shower to help the excited couple usher in their new life as parents. But how do you make it stand out from all the other showers everyone has already attended? Don’t worry; we’ve got a few unique ideas that will have the soon-to-be parents and their guests talking for years!

1. Consider Going Co-ed

Traditionally, baby showers have been for ladies only. However, why not mix it up and invite the men to get involved too? You can throw a “Baby-Q” in the backyard, keeping the decorations casual and low-key. A couple of signature drinks can be prepared ahead of time and written on a mini chalkboard set on top of a drink table. Make sure you include a couple of partner games that allows everyone to participate.

2. Let Guests Get Involved With the Decorations

One idea is to have guests write a helpful tip or piece of advice on a cute card that goes along with the theme of the party and display it as a banner at the shower. You can also have guests bring a baby photo of their own and create a baby picture banner for the mom-to-be to try and guess who is in each of the photos. There are several ways the entire invite list can get involved in creating a memorable get-together.

3. Make it a Pamper Session – And No, We Aren’t Talking Diapers, Yet!

This idea is best for a smaller celebration. Why not take the expectant mother for a day of pampering, which may be one of the last she’ll get in a while. Many massage therapy studios offer prenatal massages that help relieve lower back pain and pressure and offer overall tension release. Who doesn’t need that? She can also get a mani-pedi session or a relaxing facial. After everyone has had their pampering fix, head over to a favorite dessert shop for a little sugar therapy and the gift exchange.

4. Theme Out the Gifts Instead of the Party

Rather than choosing a theme to dictate the décor and activities of the event, think about assigning a theme to the gifts. You can include more than one theme, depending on the size of the guest list. For example, you can make it a diaper and skincare item theme. Guests can provide the always necessary stockpiles of different-sized diapers and skincare items for both baby and mom.

5. Make it a Book Stocking Party

We’ve all heard of (or hosted) a bar stocking party when someone moves into a new home. Why not make the show a book stocking party where guests bring their favorite childhood reads, and they can write a personal note to the baby in the front that gets read each time the book is opened. It’s a fun way to get the family ready for those nighttime reading sessions and creates a personal touch that will last years.

No matter what idea you choose to run with for the special celebration, as long as it incorporates personal gestures for your “bestie” and her new family, it is sure to leave her feeling excited and grateful for the experience you had a hand in providing.